Project Activities-CLAMP

Awareness activity at Rukmani Secondary School

School Awareness Program was conducted in the working districts (i.e. Sindhupalchowk district and Nuwakot District in the school named as Rukmani Secondary School and Saraswati Secondary School.

CBO's meeting


The meeting was conducted in the Nuwakot district with the CBOs.

Door to door campaign

The door to Door program was conducted in the Nuwakot district and Sindupalchowk district.

Commitment after violence against women's day clebration by partiipants

Signature Campaign with the commitment made by the participants on the violence against women.

Induction workshop of CLAMP

Induction program conducted with In Nagarkot with the CLAMP team.

Taking KYC with Deputy mayor of Melamchi Municipality

Taking KYC with the Deputy Mayor of the Melamchi Municipality of the Sindhupalchowk district.



YCA Recruitment

Youth Change Agent ( YCAs) recruited in the Sindupalchowk and Nuwakot District.

In the Quater 1 of the Community Led Action against Modern-Slavery and Poverty, the different activities were completed. The Project Launch program was conducted in Kathmandu District at National Level and also conducted in the two project areas i.e Sindhupalchowk district and Nuwakot district.

The activities which were performed during Q1 are mentioned below:

  • School awareness program about the Modern-Slavery
  • CBO’s meeting
  • Signature Campaign (Commitment after the violence against women’s day celebration)
  • A door to Door Campaign
  • Observation of the World Day against Child Labour
  • PTA Meeting
  • Taking KYC with the Deputy Mayor of the Melamchi
  • ¬†YCAs recruitment