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Transit Home for the girls child rescued from Slavery

Awareness is the most important part to prevent human trafficking. So through this project, we can make aware to all the beneficiaries who take the shelter support from transit home thus when they reintegrated in society, they can actively participate in the campaign against human trafficking being a change maker. Other objectives are;

  • To rescue girl child from a place of Slavery who are under not above 14 years old.
  • To address the immediate need of trafficking survivors (Survivors from brothels, survivors who were trafficked in the name of foreign employment)
  • To enhance the capacity of the survivors of human trafficking through education & different vocational training.
  • To create survivors friendly environment following the victim-centered approach for the successful reintegration process.
  • To prepare trafficking survivors for an independent, safe & dignified life.


Outcomes of this project

  • Ten beneficiaries will be rescued from the place of slavery and exploitation;
  • 6 times legal orientation will be conducted with 10 beneficiaries in one year;
  • Four survivor’s family will receive the IG support;
  • At least one self-defense training will be conducted with 10 beneficiaries;
  • 10 beneficiaries will receive Life skill training;
  • 6 beneficiaries will be reintegrated; and the remaining 4 beneficiaries will get long term shelter support(organization will do the referral to other organization as per the best interest of the survivors).
  • 4 case will be filled in court.

Target group

  The primary target group:

The primary target groups are the minors girls(not above 14 years)of

  • Survivors of human trafficking (Sexual slavery)
  • Survivor (internal trafficking)
  • Risk group of human trafficking
  •  Individuals subjected to abuse and exploitation (Gender Based violence victims, rape victims)
  • CSEC survivors

The secondary target groups are

  • Entailing government duty bearers,
  • Community people,
  • Families/parents of trafficking survivors
  • Staff members


 Involvement of the target group


The individuals under the care and protection of Shakti Samuha will be fully involved in the planning process through the case management system. The individual will be placed at the center and plans will be developed through case management meetings attended by different service providers such as a psychosocial counselor, lawyer, home mother, life-skills trainer, job coordinator, hostel coordinator, health worker, and others.


Similarly, the families will be consulted & provided family counseling by the psychosocial counselor and prepared for the acceptance and reintegration of the trafficking survivors. If the family economic condition is low then as per the need of financial support and family assessment report from the field, economic support also is provided to uplift their livelihood condition. For community sensitization parent’s interaction program, police interaction program and community awareness program will be conducted.