The draft of the Rescue and Repatriation Regulation has been handed over.

The draft of the Rescue and Repatriation of Human Trafficking Survivors regulation has been handed over to the legal sub-committee of the National committee to Combat Human Trafficking(NCCHT). Series of consultation meeting and workshop had been organized by the MOWCSW…

Documentary-Movie based on internal trafficking and CSEC ‘Kiran Part-1′ (Shakti Samuha)

Kiran-The ray of hope is the short docu-film produced by Shakti Samuha and supported by ECPAT International, the story based on internal trafficking in the name of entertainment sector and CSEC.

Documentary-Movie based on Human Trafficking ‘Juneli-The light’ (Shakti Samuha)

Documentary Movie ‘Juneli-the light’ is the real story based movie produced by Shakti Samuha, Supported by Plan International Nepal and Directed by Mr Badri Adhikari. This movie is based on Human Trafficking for sexual slavery. Go through the link and…

Kausila reintegrated in her own family

16 years old Kausila (Name has been changed to protect her privacy right) was born in Nuwakot district (address has been changed).  She belongs to the ethnic community and from lower class family. She got married in the influence of…

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