“Learning from a Human Trafficking survivors organization in Nepal” has been launched in Japan with the presence of Shakti Samuha.

We would like to congratulate to Ms. Charimaya Tamang (Founder member and Program Coordinator of Shakti Samuha) for the Japan Visiting (8-20 June) Program. In this period, Tamang has participated in the book launching program of “Learning from a Human…

12 June: World day against Child Labour (Children are not for entertainment)

Entertainment sector also one of the hazard place where child are being used as a labor. Not only in entertainment sector but also in brick factory, vehicle, domestic works. they are also being trafficked for the labor in entertainment and…

The draft of the Rescue and Repatriation Regulation has been handed over.

The draft of the Rescue and Repatriation of Human Trafficking Survivors regulation has been handed over to the legal sub-committee of the National committee to Combat Human Trafficking(NCCHT). Series of consultation meeting and workshop had been organized by the MOWCSW…

Documentary-Movie based on internal trafficking and CSEC ‘Kiran Part-1′ (Shakti Samuha)

Kiran-The ray of hope is the short docu-film produced by Shakti Samuha and supported by ECPAT International, the story based on internal trafficking in the name of entertainment sector and CSEC.

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