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Sustainable Action to Manage and Reach Trafficking Survivor’s Human rights (SAMARTH)

Program: SAMARTH (Sustainable Action to Manage and Reach Trafficking Survivor’s Human Rights)

Donor Agency: Geneva Global 


Title of the action:
SAMARTH (Sustainable Action to Manage and Reach Trafficking survivors’ Human rights)
Location(s) of the action: Nepal (Bara, Rautahat, Makwanpur, and  Kathmandu)
Total duration of the action (months): 36 Months
GG  financing requested (amount) NPR 30,000,000.00
GG financing requested as a percentage of  total budget of the Action (indicative) 100%
Objectives of the action Overall Objective: To assist trafficking survivors and potential trafficking victims subjected to discriminations and violence, on the basis of their gender and identity, by enhancing their capacity and creating an enabling environment ensuring their human rights to live a life with dignity and independence.Specific Objectives: 1. Install community-based safe-guards to ensure discriminations and violence free community for the trafficking survivors. 2.  Enhance the capacity of trafficking survivors to ensure their human rights 3. Ensure safe passage, quality of care and protection and successful reintegration to trafficking survivors 4.  The issue of ensuring human rights of the trafficking survivors is highlighted and acted upon.
Target group(s) Trafficking Survivors  and individuals/groups vulnerable to trafficking
Final beneficiaries Trafficking Survivors, Families and the communities
Estimated results Community-based mechanism to safe-guard the rights of trafficking survivors is in place; Capacity of trafficking survivors is enhanced to ensure their human rights; Issues ensuring human rights of trafficking survivors is highlighted and acted upon
Main activities Mobilizing adolescent groups; Capacitating trafficking survivors; Strengthening trafficking survivor’s network; Work towards the implementation of laws and policy documents;  Highlight the nexus between unsafe migration and trafficking and advocate for law reform; Quality of care and protection for trafficking survivors;  Work with the family for successful reintegration of trafficking survivors