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Program for prevention, protection, rehabilitation and reintegration of girls and young women who at risk

Program for the Prevention, Protection, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Girls and Young Women


Project Goal : To make a lasting difference to the lives of street and working children and young people.

Project Objective :

– Increase awareness among society and stakeholders resulting in reduced abuse and exploitation.

– Protect girls and young women who are victims or at risk of abuse and exploitation.

– Rehabilitate girls and young women who are victims of abuse and exploitation.

– Reintegrate girls and young women who are victims of abuse and exploitation.

– Increased skills of organization and staff to implement effective interventions for girls and young women who are victims of abuse and exploitation.

Project Target Group : Young girls and women who are under 18 years old.

Funded by : KIDASHA, making every child matter


Shakti Samuha opened an emergency shelter and rehabilitation center for girl’s victims of sexual abuse and exploitation in 2007 and second phase project has been started from 1st April 2012. This became the first shelter of its kind where girls who were victims of sexual abuse or exploitation could be admitted immediately for their protection if they meet two basic criteria: they are under the age of 18; they have been a victim of sexual abuse or exploitation or at high risk (i.e. a girl sleeping alone on the street). Cover huge area of target child is mostly focus to those kinds of girls who are involved in restaurant and bar. Through the protection and recovery shelter and reintegration programme Shakti works with each girl individually to support her recovery and social reintegration according to her best interest. Shakti Samuha also provides specialized awareness intervention about SRH, trafficking, HIV/AIDS, child and women right, CSA/CSEC and other right based subject for girls in high risk situation in PCCI drop in center which are located surrounding the Pokhara valley. Shakti Samuha supports 50+ girls annually.


List of services provide through the project:

– Emergency shelter service (Minimum 1 day to Maximum 6 months)

– Basic and professional counseling

– Rehabilitation and reintegration of girls and young women those who are benefited from project service.

– Formal and non formal education

– Vocational training

– Medical support

– Independent living support

– Involvement in extracurricular activities and awareness classes.

– Legal support

– Other service and support as per need


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