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Reintegrate and Empowerment of Trafficking Survivor Women and Girls

Reintegrate and Empowerment of Trafficking Survivor Women and Girls


Project Goal : 

– Survivors will be organized and take lead in actions for development and implementation of policies at different levels; and demonstrate substantial progress in community resistance to trafficking and slavery.

– Survivors will improve their life economically supporting themselves to be recognized in the family and community.


Project Objective : 

– Out of 9 survivors groups with 150 members from 17 communities,  4 communities will be declared as matured.

– At least 80% of those going for foreign employment in 2015 from working 17 communities will fulfilling all legal provisions and will go through legal manpower agency. (SS will prepare criteria of legal provisions to be fulfilled before going for foreign employment.)

– A, 80% of trafficking/slavery survivors out of total cases in 2015 will take legal action against traffickers/slaveholders. B, 100% of domestic violence survivors will take action against perpetuator.

– A, 20 survivors out of 150 survivors group members will improve their income level by Rs.5000 per month. B, 50 vulnerable children will be enrolled in school from the group  members family.

– A: District Coordination Committee against human trafficking (DCCHT) from Bardiya    and Jhapa district will review District Plan of Action against Human Trafficking (which is prepared in 2014 for 2015 with the help of SS) and prepare action plan for 2016.

– District level survivors networks (two from Jhapa and Bardiya) will be able to obtain resources from Village Development Committee, District Development Committee and other organizations working against human trafficking or livelihood in the districts/VDCs.

– 1500 people receive messages about human trafficking and slavery in Bardiya and Jhapa districts.


Project Target Group : Survivor women and girls

Funded by : Free the Slaves (FTS)


The program “Reintegrate and Empowerment of Trafficking Survivor Women and Girls” had started since 2010 in Jhapa and Bardiya, we have 5 groups in Bardiya and 4 groups in Jhapa in total we have 158 group member even so we have 2 survivors network also, especially we work for those women and girls who are victim of human trafficking and smuggling as well as internal and external slavery.

Our activities are…..

  1. Group meeting, saving and credit.
  2. Network meetings.
  3.  We have organize varies kind of awareness program in public place and school areas against human trafficking and slavery.
  4.  Run counseling desk in CDO office of Jhapa and Bardiya for orientation to the possible migrate for safe migration and kinds of slavery.
  5. Street drama, wall painting with message of against human trafficking and slavery.
  6. Coordination and collaboration with other stockholders in district.
  7. Rescued, repatriation and rehabilitation.
  8. Legal and psychosocial counseling.
  9. Income generation support.