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The autobiography ‘Aashu ko Shakti’(Power of Tear), lunched by Ex-prime minister KP sharma oli

The autobiography ‘Aashu ko Shakti’ has launched on 12 September-2016, written by Sunita Danuwar, Founder member and current Executive Director of Shakti Samuha and edit by Mr. Tanka Panta (Journalist and advisor of Shakti Samuha). She has shared her experience and her journey through this book. On the ceremony of the inauguration session, Ex-prime minister Mr. KP Sharma Oli was invited as a chief guest and the book was launched by him.

Sunita has shared the  conclusion of her book Aashu Ko Shakti 

Aasu ko Shakti, an autobiography where I have made an attempt to express my feelings through the words.

In this society, the trend of treating the women is changing but rituals are still same, social justice for women is same as it was before 10 years. I have the close overview of all the suffering and problems in my life. I was taken to the brothel of Mumbai by 2 brokers by the means of fraud. They used the sweets which made me unconscious, and that moment proved to be turning point in my life. I literally used to cry until my tears were finished with the sweet memories of my childhood. Those memories of my village and parents along with the natural beauty of my country used to make me nostalgic.

The life in the brothel was real suffering and hell. In a different way girls are taken to that hell to be the part of those cruelties, which cannot be explained through words or through speaking. In order to fulfill the joy and desires of some people, a women’s respect is been stripped. The mirror of those cruelties can still be seen on the roads of Mumbai, India.  In which Nepalese girls are being trafficked by the Nepalese people, such incidents are making whole Nepal shameful. The country should identify such culprits and punish them as a state malevolent. Since years, the respect of women is being stripped; slanders are given to those women in spite being rescued by different agencies and civil society.

After being rescued gave me hope to come back to my country.  The day I came to Nepal was like a dream for me and soon I realized that being trafficked is not my crime. It was not an easy start for us; we fought a lot to gain our identity and today we have that with full of respect and honor. The main motto of my life is to save people from being trafficked through different awareness activities and campaigns and minimize the trafficking from my country.

During the period of my commitment in Shakti Samuha, I have converted my tears into the power. I might not have earned the wealth but have earned the goodwill and I am proud of it. In our perspective, if a person is busy in creative activities, the negative thoughts don’t bind them around. I have made an attempted to write this book, hoping that “Aasu ko Shakti” will be the source of inspiration for other women.

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