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Relief Matrerials distributed in Irkhu VDC, Sindhupalchowk District

Shakti Samuha visited at Irkhu VDC in Sindhupalchowk district with relief supplies to the beneficiaries i.e adolescent groups ; Shree Nawa Jyoti Kisori Samuha & Shrijanshil Kisori Kisor Samuha. 
List of relief supplies: 
Materials Quantity Remarks
Rice 47 sacks (30kg) 1 sacks per family
Beaten rice 47 bags (10kg) 1 bags per family
Oil 10 boxes (2 liters per family)
Emergency light 15 pieces 5 lights per group & 5 relief collection committee
Biscuits 10 boxes Handed over to relief collection committee
Salt 3 sacks (2 packets per family) & 1 sack to relief collection committee
Pulses 47 bags (10 kg per family)
Total beneficiaries 48 families in Irkhu VDC

Shakti Samuha team coordinated with police and relief collection committee in Irkhu before distributing relief supplies to the beneficiaries.

According to the data received by Irkhu police station 147 people lost their life during earthquake.

All the members of adolescent groups came with their parents according to the request of Shakti Samuha. Then around 20 minutes, orientation was given to the adolescent members and their guardians concerning the more vulnerability of human trafficking and child sexual abuse among adolescents, also preventive ways discussed. Traffickers could be more active and they will involve to trafficke girls/women in the name of relief supplies support in this horrible situation. Thus Shakti Samuha conducted orientation to aware adolescent members and their guardians as well in the aim to reduce vulnerabilities of human trafficking. After orientation parents said that they will be more careful to the unknown person who comes with relief supplies and they shared that there is no case about human trafficking and sexual abuse up to this time in their community.
Relief supplies distribution
Relief supplies were distributed to 28 members in Shree Nawa Jyoti Kisori Samuha and 17 members in Shrijanshil Kisor Kisori Samuha. At the time of distribution adolescent member’s guardian came with their children and received supplies.
Altogether 48 relief supplies distributed. Among them 45 supplies were received by adolescent family members and 3 persons from community people.
We would like to thanks to the community people for accepting us and want to thanks to the supporter and our partner agencies for the coordination with us. If you want to support to the victims of Earth Quake through us, please contact us or visit our website:

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