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Anti Human Trafficking Project-Swaraksha

Objectives and Outcomes.


Outcome 1 Prevention of Human Trafficking: in 3 working district of Nepal. Community and government officials would strengthen their capacity in tackling human trafficking.


  1. Output 1.1 1500 from 3 working district 5  Target villages have  good  information about  Human Trafficking, Safe Recruitment,  rights of women and children,  and service provider information/contacts
  2. Output 1.2 in 15 schools, 25 secondary school teachers have information on how to identify children at latent risk of being trafficked,  also on services provide information and contacts.
  3. Output 1.3  5000 young people have good information on Human Trafficking, Safe Recruitment, life skills, educational livelihood opportunities, and service provider information and contacts.
  4. Output 1.4 200 Targeted vulnerable women (illiterate poor with little or no income  have good information on Human Trafficking, Safe Recruitment and gain livelihood skills and support


Outcome 2 Protection of Trafficked Person (TiP)victims of trafficking through identification, rescue, rehabilitation and restoration with the family or community; Beneficiaries: 1201


  1. Output 2.1 1000 women and girls will be intercepted from the border in collaboration with Maiti Nepal, KI Nepal.
  2. Output 2.2 60 women and girls will be benefitted from the transit home.


Outcome 3 Cooperation of Stakeholders at Indo Nepal border areas to provide appropriate and comprehensive direct assistance to Trafficked Persons.

  1. Output 3.1 Referral network established for  Trafficked person rescue, rehabilitation, and repatriation
  2. Output 3.2 Helplines and Provider services contact details  widely available and easily accessible the public
  3. Output 3.3 Coalition coordinating bodies on AHT established  and strengthened