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Repatriation Information Management for the protection of Human Trafficking Survivors (RIMS-II)

The objectives of the Partnership shall be to: The project goal is ‘To contribute further to the
reduction of child trafficking in Nepal’ and the specific objective is ‘Better cooperation and results
achieved by those responsible to respond to cases of child trafficking and missing children in
Nepal’, by the establishment of RIMS and policy and legal reforms as per National Plan of Action
(NPA) on Anti-Human Trafficking 2012-2022.
The main Objectives of this project is
 Running of (RIMS) Repatriation Information Management System for the (systematic
repatriation) Protection of the trafficking survivors.
 Capacity Building of GOs and the Law enforcement and policy makers on RIMS.
 Advocacy to Concerned GO Agencies for their ownership and buy in RIMS.
 Refresher Training on RIMS to Early Adopters for smooth operation of RIMS

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