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LUNGTA project aims to Rescue, Repatriation and Self-reliance project for Survivors of Human Trafficking Survivors.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Rescue and repatriation of survivors of human trafficking from India to Nepal.
  • Providing job skills and opportunities to become self-reliance.

  Project Activities

In order to achieve the outcomes provide above, following activities shall be implemented in the project:

A)  To rescue and repatriation survivors of human trafficking from India to Nepal

I-Gather the information on missing girls/women in Nepal and share with Indian stakeholders

II-Conduct field visit in red light areas/place of exploitation/police station/shelter homes and possible areas to find the cases of human trafficking

III- Rescue survivors with support of the Indian Police and other stakeholders

IV- Repatriation of survivors through formal repatriation process.

V-Rehabilitate Survivors in Safe homes for their protection.

VI- Conduct coordination and workshop program with Indian stakeholders for rescue and repatriation of girls.

B)   To provide job skills and opportunities to the survivors of human trafficking to become self-reliance


VII-Provide a series of technical training including refreshment program to the handicraft staffs

VIII- provide equipment and materials to produce varieties of handicraft products

IX- Develop new designs for handicraft products

X- Support reintegration of girls to the community by providing equipment and materials for handicraft production