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Job Vacancies in Various Positions

Vacancy Announcement

Date of Announcement: 18 September, 2017

Date of Expiry: 25 Septmeber , 2017


Shakti Samuha is the globally first organization in the world established and run by the survivors of human trafficking in 1996 AD. Shakti Samuha is established with the mission to act as a supportive organization to involve affected women and children and those at high risk of human trafficking in anti-human trafficking campaign to ensure & protect the rights of survivor through awareness, organizing and empowering themselves.


Shakti Samuha is running four shelter homes- two shelters in Kathmandu, Women Rehabilitation Center in Sindhupalchowk and Emergency Shelter Home in Pokhara for the trafficking survivors and the girls who are highly at risk of trafficking, sexual exploitations or abuse and street children.

This project will establish in Pokhara specifically for children who were victims of sexual abuse or exploitation and with an aim to provide shelter home for their protection if they meet two basic criteria:

i.            The girls should be under the age of 18; and

ii.            They should be a victim of sexual abuse or exploitation or at the imminent risk of such.

Shakti Samuha is seeking qualifies, committed and self motivated Nepalese citizen candidate for the vacant position in various position:


  1. 1.      Job Title: Project Coordinator


Job Location: Based in Kaski district, Pokhara

No. of Vacancies: 1

Qualification & Requirements: Masters Degree in Social work/Social science or relevant studies.

  • Good team player with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Proficient in all aspect of computer application (Ms Office)
  • Able to make effective & timely decision.
  • Fluent in reading, writing & speaking English.
  • Excellent facilitation skills


Experience: 4-5 years work experience in AES or experience in the care and protection of children/ adolescents.  Additional experience on program management will be given priority.

Major Responsibilities


  • Guide project’s staff in overall project implementation, monitoring and resource mobilization
  • Track project performance, specifically to analyze the successful completion of short- and long-term goals
  • Create a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the project
  • Determine the resources (time, money, equipment, etc) required to complete the project
  • Provide technical assistance in program & conduct awareness raising events and provide the management support to the district & center level.
  • Write reports on the project for management and for donor
  • Communicate with donor as outlined in funding agreement
  • Monitor cash flow projections and report actual cash flow and variance to senior management on a regular basis (monthly/bimonthly)
  • Establish a communication schedule to update stakeholders including appropriate staff in the organization on the progress of the project
  • Coordinate with government officials and establishment owners for successful implementation of project activities
  • Build rapport with local stake holders like local police, owners, beneficiaries and family.
  • Establish friendly relation with stake holders and child friendly environment with beneficiaries.

Assist the management team in reviewing the performance of Project’s staff.


  1. Job Title: Outreach Worker


Job Location: Based in Kaski district, Pokhara

No. of vacancies: 1 ( One)

Education qualification: +2 in related field

Experience: 1 year in relevant field; ability to work in challenging conditions and sometimes, in evening and night hours


Major Responsibilities:

  • Field visit in entertainment sector to absorb/find the scenario/status of the sector and the workers.
  • Situation analysis and reporting to the line manager.
  • Coordination with Stakeholders, including establishment owners and law enforcement
  • Support to conduct meeting with the beneficiaries ( female workers of entertainment sector)
  • Provide orientation to the beneficiaries on human trafficking, CSEC, labor issue in entertainment sector
  • Conduct school awareness program.
  • Any other related duties as may be signed by line manager.



  1. 3.      Job Title: Psycho Social Counselor

Job Location: Based in Kaski district, Pokhara

No. of vacancies: 1 (One)

Education qualification: Bachelor in psychology or in any relevant field (Compulsory 6 months psychosocial counseling training from reputed organization)

Experience Required: 2 years in experience field.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Understand the complexities of psychosocial emotions that survivors of trafficking/CSEC may have by spending time with the survivors formally and informally
  • Conduct psychosocial assessment of the survivors who have just come to the Shelter home.
  • Provide professional individual as well as group counseling to the survivors residing at Shelter Home and referred cases and maintain records of those sessions.
  • Provide counseling to the survivors’ families when needed.
    • Participate actively in the regular case management meetings and help plan activities with the survivor and personnel from other departments for each case.
    • Be part of the escort team, when needed, for the repatriation.
    • Keep regular contact with the counselor of the sending organization to get needed information about the survivor sent to Shelter home.
    • Supervise Recreational Person.
    • Prepare monthly report of the counseling part amongst other services provided at Shelter Home.
    • Provide Counseling Orientation to staffs and residents.
    • Coordinate and Communicate with different NGOS regarding Counseling.
      • Work as focal person for the counseling for Shelter home, Pokhara.
      • Develop Psychosocial Counseling Curriculum.
      • Maintain case histories of the residents with the help of Case Manager.
      • Work as team in Counseling, Publication, Training, hostel Management and recreational committee and child protection committee.
      • Advocacy on Child’s Right and orientation to staffs on child protection issues.
        • Perform other tasks as assigned by organization.
        • Follow up with other shelter homes run by Shakti Samuha and do the proper documentations.

4. Job Title: Recreational person

No. of vacancies: 1 ( One)

Education qualification: +2 in related field

Experience Required: 1 years in related field and training must be in related field

Major Responsibilities:

  • Work as focal person to oversee the recreational activities for the survivors, residing in Shelter Home
  • Manage the daily operations of the recreational facilities.
  • Explain the principles, techniques and safety procedures to the participants in recreational activities.
  • Provide training and encourage the residents on to make healthy environment inside the hostel.
  • Provide entertainment to the beneficiaries of the hostel on the basis of their interest and the stuff of the related activities.
  • Able to make the schedule of entertainment factor for the daily basis.
  • Motivate the beneficiaries of the hostel to involve in the activity and encourage them to take a leadership of the game.
  • Build up strong coordination with the other organizations who are running recreational activities and provide effective recreational activities to the beneficiaries.

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